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That glorious smell of two-stroke oil, plumed into the air from those gorgeous chromed Allspeeds that rumble at idle but build into a crisp crackle when the throttle is opened just a smidgen… Tug the clutch, tap the stubby gear lever down one and set about terrorising the neighbourhood on the back wheel in a haze of blue smoke and anarchy. Seems like an awesome memory, Those were the days, weren’t they?


The reality of today’s fast-paced world and the nostalgia of a rose tinted visor may not be quite as you recall…

There are also a number of carbonfibre accessories available and these range from the central tank spine to a rear hugger which has been extended so as to keep crud from being flicked up into the rear shock area. All brackets, threaded mounts and hardware required to install the parts are included.

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Having a blast from the past and a hankering for the hooligan’s choice of transport from your youth is only natural, after all LC’s are awesome… Aren’t they?

Well that’s what we thought so began scouring the usual EBAY and other sales platforms for a mint one, only to discover the shocking truth. They really aren’t very good by modern standards

They are heavy (yes really!) Gutless, don’t stop and have a hinge in the middle. They tankslap at the slightest provocation and the wheels & tyres are so skinny that they also don’t have much grip. We were so disappointed that the LC dream now lay in tattered piston parts.

Sacrelidge! I hear you say. And yes, we still love LC’s as much as you do!

So much so that we decided to come up with a far better solution.


The 900LC project takes the classic look of the iconic Yamaha RD250/350LC and brings it right slap bang up to date using an XSR900 base (other than cosmetics, identical to the much raved about MT09).

The bodywork kit includes side-panels, tail section, seat base and foam, seat cover (with coloured stitching of your choice) nose cone fairing, headlight brackets, LC style clock surround in pre-preg carbonfibre, tomtom sat nav unit, sequential shift lights, rar light with led insert and Yamaha wiring connector, rear mudguard, mini indicators, indicator relay, rear light mounting plate, grab rail mounting brackets (grab rail not included but genuine Yamaha ones fit straight on). As well as all brackets, threaded mounts and hardware required to install the kit.

Other options include steering damper kits, rearset footrests, fuelling and suspension systems as well as exhausts and brake upgrades.


The inner hooligan inside us has obviously resurfaced, and the old you may have chased the dream of feisty horsepower output only to be confronted with melted pistons and barrels past their last overbore. How would that younger you reacted to the promise of almost triple the horsepower (47 for the 350LC, 122 for the XSR900LC) but an engine life of beyond 60,000 miles? Or the stopping distance halved? Or the vibration to be reduced to virtually nothing? Or the cornering ability from the improved handling and modern tyre technology to allow you to get your knee down on the road without the handlebars and your arse following shortly afterwards! Oh, and did we mention wheelies in third gear just off the throttle?

Your younger self would have thought it impossible! Like something from the Back to the Future films that Marty McFly might bring home to his 80’s friends.

Well the future’s here guys, and it’s called the XSR900LC!


Complete kit ready to bolt on just £1,522. All you need to add is enthusiasm and what colour you want the seat cover stitching!

Please note, dispatch of the completed order can be up to 8 weeks during busy times, but available for immediate dispatch if you’re lucky enough to catch us with some kits in stock!

XSR900LC bodykit