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700 YPXS

700 YPXS

(All XSR700 models)

The mid-80’s hooligan’s choice was the YPVS. Affordable, fast and just fast enough to stick two fingers up at the authorities and get away with it. Re-imagined now to fit the similarly powered and similarly weighted XSR700.

Frankie says ‘Relax’ it’s awesome. Welcome to the pleasuredome.


900 LC

(2016 - 2021 XSR900 models)

The RD needs no introduction but our 900LC might well. This modern take on the classic has the power to weight ratio we all hankered for back when seized pistons and blown cranks were the only way to do it.

The 900LC is the most fun you’ve had since Kajagoogoo topped the charts.


900 F

(2022 - current XSR900 models)

The iconic RD500 brought back to life… Well, almost! The bike we all wanted yet most couldn’t afford is paid homage to here with the 900F.  

So back then, despite ‘Living in a box’, ‘Living in a cardboard box’, you can now have a box delivered… With a 900F kit inside for your XSR900. Marvellous.

Please note: All kits are sold as complete units, and we do not sell parts individually unless you have already purchased a complete kit/bike from us. So there isn’t an option to buy just the individual panels unless you are repairing a bike which has already been converted.

Mail: faster@velocity-moto.com?subject=900 F kit enquiry&body=Please give us the following details if you wish to be quoted for a mail order kit. If it's just a general enquiry, there's no need for the address.
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Here’s an article from the magazine ‘Young Machine’ in Japan:

Image by: Emma-Leone-Palmer